Net.bpf.optimize_writers => Bypass suricata

When enabling this flag on freebsd, all traffic is bypassed, not sure if it’s a bug :

 net.bpf.optimize_writers: 0
     Various programs use BPF to send (but not receive)	raw packets
     (cdpd, lldpd, dhcpd, dhcp relays, etc. are	good examples of such
     programs).	 They do not need incoming packets to be send to them.
     Turning this option on makes new BPF users	to be attached to
     write-only	interface list until program explicitly	specifies read
     filter via	pcap_set_filter().  This removes any performance
     degradation for high-speed	interfaces.

If it’s not a bug there should be at least a warning on this flag as it is quite usual on “high-perf” configurations floating out there.

Did you find this in Suricata guides? If so, it seems wrong.