[New Book] Stamus Networks publishes "The Security Analyst’s Guide to Suricata"

Today Stamus Networks announced the publication of a new book, “The Security Analyst’s Guide to Suricata” - the industry’s first practical guide for unlocking the full potential of Suricata.

Written for SOC analysts and threat hunters who use Suricata to gain insights into what is taking place on their networks, the book provides vital information on entry points and in-depth analysis on the most important Suricata features.

The book’s authors Peter Manev and Éric Leblond have been active contributors to the Suricata project for more than 10 years. And hold leadership positions in OISF. They founded Stamus Networks in 2014 to help enterprise security teams protect their organizations using their networks.

You can download a PDF or eReader version for free here:

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