New Hyperscan 5.4.1 crashing Suri on startup

Already opened a redmine bug report, but looks like Hyperscan 5.4.1 was released last week, and Suri refuses to start if compiled with it. Making a forum post to be more visible in case others are having the same issue.

Backstory: Compiled Suri 6.0.10 today on RHEL8 using a fresh git of the hyperscan library (v5.4.1 was released last week). All compilation looked fine, but starting Suricata fails with - [ERRCODE: SC_ERR_FATAL(171)] - Hyperscan returned error -1. Also compiled Suri 6.0.8 with same HS 5.4.1 and had the same issue.

I purged all HS v5.4.1 bits, recompiled suri 6.0.10 using the previous HS 5.4.0, and no more error. Haven’t had a chance to dig deeper or get any core dumps just yet.

We can confirm this issue, we will track the further debugging in the redmine ticket. Thanks for reporting it.