OISF is HIRING -> Assistant Director

WE ARE HIRING! We are looking to fill an exciting new Assistant Director role at OISF - full-time position reporting to the Executive Director, ideally located in the U.S. northeast, but this is NOT a requirement as OISF is a virtual organization.

Overview: Reporting to OISF’s Executive Director, the Assistant Director works with the Executive Director to oversee a wide variety of operational tasks within OISF. It is both a support and a leadership role that ensures OISF’s mission team, consortium, and community members are thriving. The role requires an innovative, self-directed individual to improve OISF operations and the confidence to implement them. The position requires taking the initiative, developing strategies, and implementing action plans to promote OISF or Suricata or to make operations, SuriCon, and other events more efficient and cost-effective. The Assistant Director also needs to ensure projects are
cost-effective and remain within budget. For a full job description or more details please reach out to us at info@oisf.net.