One specific Suricata instance/interface in pfSense Plus 23.09 intermittently ceases to function

Please include the following information with your help request:

  • Suricata version: 7.0.0_2
  • Operating system and/or Linux distribution: pfSense Plus 23.09-RELEASE (FreeBSD 14.0-CURRENT)
  • How you installed Suricata (from source, packages, something else): From the native Package Manager → Available Packages inside pfSense Plus.

Experiencing sporadic Suricata interface issues on Suricata Instance for VLAN 30 (VL30) in a Router-on-a-Stick setup. Red “X” in Suricata Status, with service restart possible. No issues on VL50 or VL60. Tried reinstalling, clearing suppress list, rule updates, and system reboot without resolution.

Please see the attached suricata.log file for this particular Instance (Interface VL30).

Thank you for reading.
20231114-suricata-VL30-redacted.log (85.2 KB)

I am the volunteer package maintainer for Suricata on pfSense. pfSense runs a customized version of Suricata. You need to report any issues associated with Suricata on pfSense over on the Netgate IDS/IPS forum here: IDS/IPS | Netgate Forum.

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Thank you, Bill. I shall do so now.