Oracle Linux OS Requirements

Oracle Linux - Is there a supported minimum version of Oracle Linux for Suricata 6.X or 7.X?

As far as I know Oracle Linux is very similar to RHEL. 7 or newer would be recommended however with some work getting dependencies and such, 6 might work as well but we consider RHEL 6 end of life for our testing purposes.

Also see Guide: Getting Started on CentOS 8 and CentOS 7 - #25 by ish

Thank you. That get’s most of my questions answered. I’ll check out the link you’ve provided and follow up with any questions that remain.

Is there a way to guesstimate hardware requirement differences between version 5.x → 6.x (or 5.x → 7.x)? Perhaps N + 20%, or is guessing a fool’s errand?

No, we don’t have any such numbers. People in the community might have an idea, but might want to do another forum post for that with its own subject that might catch the attention of those that know.

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