Parsing errors related to rule keywords associated to DNS protocol

Hello, I was trying to create a basic rule related to DNS protocol, and tried to use dns.rrtype and dns.rcode keywords writing dns.rcode:!0; and dns.rrtype:!0; in the rule.

However, I got the following errors:

E: detect-parse: unknown rule keyword 'dns.rcode'.
E: detect-parse: unknown rule keyword 'dns.rrtype'.

I am using Suricata 7.0.5 in Ubuntu 22.04.4. I would like to know what caused this error and how could I solve it. Thanks in advance.

Sorry, these features are not in 7.0.5 at this time.

Our documentation site can be misleading here defaulting to the development branch and calling it latest, you’ll want to flip the version specifier to suricata-7.0.5 to verify whats in 7.0.5.