Pass list is not working in Suricata on PFSENSE ( latest version )

Hello , I hope you doing well .

the pass list that I have been added trough pfsense for suricata , will not add in suricata config file so all of the alerts will trigger on the ip addresses that I have been added in the pass list

please tell me what can I do about it ?

step to reporduce :
create a pass list
restart suricata
now go to the shell and look at the config file of suricata :
ps -aux | grep suricata
now cat the config file and grep for pass_list
go and see the content :smiley:

please help

Thanks .

Hi, the pass list is a pfSense specific extension of Suricata. Iā€™m not sure if the pfSense community monitors our forum, so it may be best to ask your question through the pfSense support channels.