Pcap.h not found in SLES 12 SP15


During suricata 7.0.2 installation on SLES 12 SP5 i got the following error:

checking for pcap.h … no pcap.h not found.

I mention that my machine it is in a close env and there is not this pck on repository and also i can’t deploy. There is another option to do it?

Thank you in advance
Wonderful day

This is the libpcap, a required library. The header usually comes from libpcap-devel or a package of a similar name.

I suggest you review all the build time dependencies here: 3. Installation — Suricata 7.0.2 documentation, or from one of our CI jobs (suricata/.github/workflows/builds.yml at master · OISF/suricata · GitHub). We don’t cover SLES ourselves, so you’ll have to figure out what the SLES equivalents are.

In such a locked down environment you may have to build somewhere else, then copy over. There will be a number of -devel type dependencies.