Performance and cpu usage Suricata 6/5


I’m seeing big differences in CPU usage between branches 6/5 Suricata

Suricata 6.x.x 100%
Suricata 5.x.x 2% - 7%

What exact versions are you comparing? How does your setup look like? Without more details it’s hard to narrow down what the reason for the diff might be.


Suricata-6.0.3-1-64 in some case the windivert compilation

The configurations are the ones that come by default in each version and the rules too,

So it’s windows? What type of system? How is suricata running with which commandline parameters?

Hí, I will prepare the information and share it


Hí, @Andreas_Herz

Microsoft Windows Server 2016 (64-bit).
RAM. 24GB.

Suricata 6.
suricata_6.yaml (73.6 KB)

Suricata 5.
suricata_5.yaml (70.9 KB)

suricata -c suricata.yaml -i -l .\log -knone -vvv

Too much difference. When I had suricata branch 6, it was almost always between 80 and 100%.
With branch 5, the most has been 8/10% approx.