Reference for TCP Flags in suricata flow event

Any idea where I can find a lookup table that details the meanings of these tcp_flags? I’m trying to determine the meaning of 1f that is showing up in quite a few events. Here is a snippet of the code event:


The closest I’d been able to find were a couple of github repos that contain basically the same same csv file, such as this stamus_for_splunk/suricata_tcp_flag.csv at master · StamusNetworks/stamus_for_splunk · GitHub. However it does not contain the 1f code.

I’ve seen this to two separate networks, one utilises VLANs in what the the suricata host is capturing, the other does not. I’m running suricata 6.0.4 installed from the official rpm repos.

Well 1f would stand for ACK-PSH-RST-SYN-FIN (1f is 00011111).
See Transmission Control Protocol - Wikipedia

This also matches the flags mentioned as true in your output.

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Ah, of course. I was looking all over the suricata documentation thinking it was your own representation of that.

Great, I’ll also look at putting in a PR on the splunk TA to add that and any other combinations that may be missing.