Repeat mode causes NFQUEUE kernel warning messages for net/ipv4/tcp_output.c

So there’s an issue with Suricata (6.0.2 with Linux 5.4.99) when used with repeat mode and NFQUEUE that was discussed over a year ago where this warning in tcp_output.c gets triggered:

	/* Keep one reference on sk_wmem_alloc.
	 * Will be released by sk_free() from here or tcp_tasklet_func()
	WARN_ON(refcount_sub_and_test(skb->truesize - 1, &sk->sk_wmem_alloc));

A patch to Suricata was provided here:

The patch looks a bit experimental and wasn’t merged, so I’m wondering if this is the best known solution to the issue at the moment?


I did a quick check but didn’t find a bug ticket for that in our redmine, could you create on with your scenario and additional details?
The code snippet from Florian might be a starting point but needs more testing I would guess.