Running elastic search for the first time: errors


I just installed elastic search on my ubuntu VM and I’m trying to run it for the first time but encountering errors.

I’m doing everything according to this tutorial: digitalocean

when I add the lines:

. . .
discovery.type: single-node true

to the end of the elasticsearch.yml file, I get an error:

elasticsearch.service: Failed with result ‘exit-code’

but without it I won’t have xpack enabled and can’t continue to the next steps in the tutorial.

any ideas what I should do?

Just checking. Is . . . also a part of your yml?


I recommend you visit the community resources for elastic for more assistance.

While it’s possible that a member of the Suricata community can help you, I suspect the elastic community will be able to help you.


yes, is it not supposed to be? lol

yep, I’m an idiot. deleted that part, no more of that error but for some reason it says the X-Pack Security is disabled