Rust Tutorials For Beginners

This topic is for sharing rust tutorials to help beginners in rust get up to speed with the language and needed to contribute to Suricata.


Hi everyone. I am currently using a tutorial to learn rust. Rust Crash Course | Rustlang - YouTube.
Please share tutorials that you have found useful.

Thank you.



During my internship, I began following the guide by Steve Donovan: A Gentle Introduction to Rust

It will talk about rust, but also muscle memory, and it covers parsing with nom - something that we also use in Suricata :slight_smile:

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Hi @Modupe !

I think The book is still my go-to for any issue given that Rust is so very well documented. It also has examples. You won’t need all of it, learn the basics, make a contribution and then learn as and when new concepts show up.
There are also:


Thank you so much Juliana.

Thank you so much Shivani

In my opinion, you have a great point there, Shivani, when you talk about learning as new concepts show up! I ended up doing something similar, and it not only feels more organic, but it tends to consolidate better, as I’m learning and applying


Thanks for this, I will definitely read and make a contribution soon

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Whenever you’re ready!