Sharing good sources of sample captures

Hello all!

A useful resource for developers, rule writers and Suricata enthusiasts and users are sample capture files. Those can help us create new tests, improve existing protocols, practice threat hunting and malware analysis, creating training material and much more.

18. Public Data Sets — Suricata 7.0.0-dev documentation has a list with good sources, but as the documentation isn’t as dynamic as a forum thread, I want to kickstart sharing a few more useful links, and hopefully, others out there will have more cool reliable pages to share. :slight_smile:

Please only share trusted sources, let’s try to keep this community a safe space for others to find data sets!


Our @jstrosch’s repo, updated often:


Brad Duncan keeps another great source for malware traffic pcaps and exercises, tutorials, and more.


For miscellaneous traffic, one option is

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Another one by Packetbeat, looks like a good source for varied pcaps: