Some questions about add new app layer protocol

hello, everyone
I am a new suricata user. I want to add a new app layer protocol, SOME/IP, a protocol use in vehicle which base on UDP. So I run “python scripts/ Someip”, and I got many files。Firstly, I programming SomeipProbingParser function and SomeipParseRequest function in “app-layer-someip.c” according to the content of “app-layer-modbus.c”, it worked correctly.
But i don’t know what i should do next?

  1. modbus protol have a file “detect-modbus.c”, but “python scripts/ Someip” does not generte a file likely “detect-someip.c”,should I add it?
    2.After the packet is probed and parsed, the next step will be sent to “detect-someip.c”? Should I add a “someip-events.rules”?And what is the first test rule I should add that will facilitate testing?

Has anyone done similar work, can you provide some help to me ?

Thank you very much.