Suricata 6.0.0 configure fails with --enable-nflog

opensuse tumbleweed (20201008)
suricata 6.0.0

I enabled nflog because I was curious. Here is what happened.

./configure --enable-nfqueue --enable-nflog
... blah blah blah ...
checking libnetfilter_log/libnetfilter_log.h usability... no
checking libnetfilter_log/libnetfilter_log.h presence... no
checking for libnetfilter_log/libnetfilter_log.h... no
configure: error: libnetfilter_log.h not found ...

Yet, here it is:

Should I submit a defect report?

I don’t have netfilter on my system but the path for that file looks odd. I’d expect (but could be wrong) for it to be /usr/include/libnetfilter_log/libnetfilter_log.h instead.

Can you configure with --with-libnfnetlink-includes=/usr/include/libnetfilter_log and report what happens? BTW, you may (or may not) need to also use --with-libnfnetlink-libraries=<dir> too.

[quote=“Jeff_Lucovsky, post:2, topic:697”]
Can you configure with --with-libnfnetlink-includes=/usr/include/libnetfilter_log[/quote]

Yes, that worked. Thank you.