[Suricata 6.0.0] Error installation with libhtp on Alpine

Hi all !

I want to create a new Suricata 6.0.0 docker container with Alpine.
It works perfectly with Suricata 5.0.2 but i have an error on the 6.0.0 version with libhtp

Here is the part where the error appears.

checking for libhtp… yes
checking htp/htp.h usability… yes
checking htp/htp.h presence… yes
checking for htp/htp.h… yes
checking for htp_conn_create in -lhtp… yes
checking for LIBHTPMINVERSION… no
checking for LIBHTPDEVVERSION… no

ERROR! libhtp was found but it is neither >= 0.5.35, nor the dev 0.5.X

On Alpine, the version of libhtp is 0.5.34-r0

Do you have an idea on how resolve this problem ?



Suricata 6.0.0 requires libhtp 0.5.35 or greater (or a dev branch).

Can you update libhtp and try again?

libhtp is at https://github.com/OISF/libhtp; git clone https://github.com/OISF/libhtp -b 0.5.x libhtp is one way to update it.

Here’s my Dockerfile for building 6.0.0 on Alpine Linux (ARM) which may be useful for reference.

I thought I thanked you and I didn’t.
So thank you for your advice, it worked :wink: