Suricata 6.0.0 stable packages are now available for Ubuntu on Ubuntu PPA (Launchpad)

More about Suricata 6.0.0 stable features, improvements and release notes :

Suricata 6.0.0 stable packages are now available for Ubuntu on Ubuntu PPA (Launchpad) - Rust enabled.

  • 16.04 Xenial
  • 18.04 Bionic
  • 20.04 Focal

32 and 64 bit packages available with the following architectures -

  • amd64
  • armhf
  • arm64
  • ppc64
  • i386
  • s390x

The default installation in 6.0.0 also includes (available in the package) the tools:

  • suricata-update
  • suricatactl

You can also get some help of how to use the tools by doing “suricata-update -h” or “suricatactl -h”

The packages are build-in with:

  • IPS (nfqueue/AFP)
  • All JSON output
  • GeoIP
  • Unix-Socket
  • Lua scripting
  • NSS(MD5) enabled
  • PIE - Position Independent Executable
  • Redis enabled support
  • Rust

The Ubuntu

  • 18.04 Bionic
  • 20.04 Focal

distribution packages are with Hyperscan enabled by default for extra performance.
(Your CPU needs to have the SSSE3 flag. You can check with - cat /proc/cpuinfo)

By community request there is also available “suricata-dbg” (Suricata with enabled debug features) package ready to use out of the box install:

sudo apt-get install suricata-dbg

Suricata 6.0.0 stable is available from our suricata-stable PPA repository.

How to:

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Trainings and Webinars
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Thank you !

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I’ve just tried installing this on a fresh Ubuntu 20.04/Focal box, but when I try to start the service with NFQ enabled I get this error:

Oct 09 12:17:40 focal suricata[209318]:  * NFQUEUE support not found !
Oct 09 12:17:40 focal suricata[209318]:  * Please ensure the nfnetlink_queue module is loaded or built in kernel

Looking at the init.d script in the package it’s being thrown from here:

# /etc/init.d/suricata, lines 51-57:
check_nfqueue() {
if [ ! -e /proc/net/netfilter/nf_queue ] && [ ! -e /proc/net/netfilter/nfnetlink_queue ]; then
    log_failure_msg "NFQUEUE support not found !"
    log_failure_msg "Please ensure the nfnetlink_queue module is loaded or built in kernel"
    exit 5

Doing cat /proc/net/netfilter/nf_queue and cat /proc/net/netfilter/nfnetlink_queue both give: “No such file or directory”.

lsmod gives this:

$ lsmod | grep NFQ
xt_NFQUEUE             16384  1
x_tables               40960  3 iptable_filter,ip_tables,xt_NFQUEUE

Are there other packages required for using NFQ? Maybe something has changed in 20.04?

Update; I tried commenting out that check in the init.d script and restarting suricata, and it works perfectly fine (and uses NFQUEUE). After running it for a minute like this, cat /proc/net/netfilter/nfnetlink_queue started giving some expected output instead of “No such file or directory”.

Thank you for the update.
We will cook a fix for Focal for the start up script.

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It might apply to other versions as well… I’m not sure that check is useful/necessary in Ubuntu versions above 12/14?

Edit: confirmed the exact same issue (and fix) on Ubuntu 16.

P.S: Hypercan support by default is awesome, thanks! :heart:

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Thanks for checking it out !