Suricata 6.x EOL support

Hi ,
We are using Suri 6.0.13 with our product on linux.
We have below querries

  1. When is Suricata 6.0.13 be EOL and does that mean no more support , on security fixes and upgrades ?
  2. Is there any extended support policy for enterprise customers ?
  3. Once we upgrade to newer version e.g Suicata 7.x , it takes at least a year for all customers to use it, by then 7.x will be on the verge of EOL, it is difficult for large customer base to upgrade every alternate year. Do we have any plan for such cases - Any paid/annual licenses support for EOL suricata releases in this case 6.0.13?

Hi Puneet,

The EOL policy on the Suricata was updated recently to cover 6.0.x and 7.