Suricata Alert PCAP

I am using this pcap

I am downloading GitHub - scottfgjordan/suricata at pcap-conditional-v2.2.13
as zip . because git clone not works it downloads suricata 6.0.4
I configure and make suricata

In suricata.yaml , I am setting -pcap-log : enabled to yes and conditional : alerts

it generate a pcap
But see difference
origincal pcap http in wire shark (attached pic)

Now see in log.pcap formed

There more packets than original and Info section doesn’t contain information which was present in original

also in previous version of pcap-conditional v2.2 , packet number were same as original but this Info section of wireshark was truncated.

I want it to be same as original pcap for all alert packets

This function is from Suricata 7.0.0-dev