Suricata and CPU, NIC choices

Good day everyone,

Noob on board…

I’m looking to set up a firewall/IPS box for testing, and I’d like to get inputs on CPUs.

  1. Assuming a SOHO environment with 8-10 people, no on-prem servers, would an Intel Core i3 be overkill?

  2. I’m open to AMD processors, but can Suricata take advantage of the on-die graphics processors? Or is it limited to the “real” GPUs e.g. Radeon?

  3. Bottomline, for the environment above, which CPU should i go for? i’ve tested Suricata indirectly via IPFire on an AMD A9 processor, and the lag is real; am not so sure if it’s Suricata or IPFire in general that’s slow.



  1. Peak traffic throughput is the best metric for assessing hardware needs.
  2. Suricata will not utilize GPU processing, it’s CPU only

Answering the peak throughput question should give some pointers. The AMD A9 seems like a low end laptop CPU, that could be to weak for 8-10 people.
Not that familiar with SOHO needs but I would at minimum look at an Intel NUC or something similar.

Hi syoc,

We’re using a 45Mbps link at home…up to 60Mbps on a good day. We’re don’t consistently maxing it out, but i’d like to size according to what’s available :slight_smile:

i’ll be going with a full-fledged PC, seems easier to upgrade/repurpose later on. Just need to buy additional NICs.