Suricata can't output response when meet a tcp retransmission after a response

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    ubuntu 20.04
  • How you installed Suricata (from source, packages, something else)

repro step: suricata with pfring suricata with default config except pfring:

  - interface: enp132s0f0
    threads: 32
    cluster-id: 99
    cluster-type: cluster_flow
    bypass: yes
    checksum-checks: no

3.edit one rule:

alert http any any -> any any ( msg:".svn info leak"; http.method; content:"GET"; flow:to_server,established; flowbits:set,svn_entries_information_leak; http.uri; content:"|2e|svn|2f|entries"; nocase; classtype: information-leakage; sid:1; rev:1;) suricata -c /path/to/config.yaml --pfring=enp132s0f0 -S /path/to/rule

5.replay the pcap(see attachment) to enp132s0f0, or open pcap file by suricata with -r args.

then i’ll got a alert without http response header.

Seems like that the retransmission packet trigger the prefilter engine but did not trigger AppLayerHandleTCPData cuz suricata treats this packet as a gap?

Once i drop the retransmisson packet and replay it to suricata,suricata will output both request and response header.

repro.pcap (2.3 KB)
Here’s the pcap file that can repro this issue.

Is there anyone can help? :joy:

you can reproduce it even without pfring and just the pcap runmode of Suricata?

@Andreas_Herz yes ,i’ve upload the pcap file above,please check that.

How do you reproduce it in pcap mode?