Suricata can't parse http packet

Hi, I am using Suricata to detect http traffic. I use 6.0.3 in ubuntu to detect the test pcap, but I found it can’t parse some http packets. In Wireshark , I can see my test pcap has many http pcap,

but in the Suricata output http.log there are only 5 records.

I don’t know why this happen. can anyone help me?

Here is my test.pcap
test.pcap (56.8 KB)

here is my Suricata.yaml
suricata.yaml (70.9 KB)

here is the rule:

alert http any any -> any any (msg:"test rule"; content:"POST"; http_method; content:"/cgi-bin/mainfunction.cgi";http_uri; content:"keyPath="; http_client_body; content:"action="; sid:456678; rev:2;)

It looks like some of these connections are “in progress” and your pcap doesn’t contain the connection establishment.

Try adding --set stream.midstream=true to your Suricata command line invocation and you’ll see http.log records for additional streams.

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