Suricata compatibility with old pfsense versions

For reasons of hardware incompatibility with the current pfsense version, I am still using pfsense 2.5.0. I need to install suricata, however, it is no longer possible to install suricata via direct installation via packages installation. Is it possible to install another way? does the current version of suricata work on pfsense version 2.5.0? Thanks

Probably not. You will likely run into problems with the Rust package version that is available for that older pfSense version.You will also need to be sure you have the correct versions of all the other required shared libraries. Installing those with all of their own shared dependencies is very likely to break the pfSense install by pulling down newer versions of critical libraries that are incompatible with the FreeBSD kernel included in pfSense 2.5.0.

pfSense keeps separate package branches for each version, and old version package branches are not updated once the associated pfSense version goes EOL (end-of-life). That’s why you need to keep current with pfSense versions. I understand you have a hardware compatibility issue, but you should plan to update your hardware so that you can update the software running on it. This is especially true for a firewall. You don’t want to be running outdated firewall software that might have a security vulnerability.

Thanks a lot Bill. Best regards