Suricata covered in Malware Analysis and Detection Engineering

Hi all,

Happy to announce that my new book along with my co-author Abhijit - Malware Analysis and Detection Engineering has covered Suricata IDS/IPS and its internals with a dedicated chapter in Part 6: Detection Engineering.

Published by Apress and available on Springer Network, at 900+ pages, this is the most comprehensive guide available on the market for Malware Analysis, Malware Reverse Engineering and Detection Engineering.

The book also covers Detection Engineering, a topic yet to be covered by any book, where we talk about the internals of various detection tools like Antiviruses, Malware Sandboxes, IDS/IPS(Suricata) and Binary Instrumentation, and how their internal details can be leveraged by malware analysts, reverse engineers and budding detection engineers to automate sample analysis.

It’s available on Amazon for pre-order:
More details on the book and its Table of Contents here: