Suricata exiting with error


All os a sudden my Suricata stops working. When i see “journalctl -xe” i get the following error:

Jan 24 10:48:25 suricata kernel: W#02-enp3s0f0[28270]: segfault at 7ffa5f039420 ip 00007ff9ca1675f0 sp 00007ff97ee85158 error 6 in[7ff9ca0ac000+1e7000]

Any ideia what might be causing the problem?


Hi there,

Can you please share some info on how you are running Suri? (version, environment, run command, if you built it yourself etc)

  • Suricata version 7.0.2

  • Ubuntu server 18.04

  • Running with systemd

  • Installed via package and with some otimizations in config file

In this case, logs would be helpful (suricata.log, commonly but not always in /var/log)

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