Suricata FileMagic

I am doing some investigation about how Suricata works with FileMagic.
Here is a shell script :

On my linux :

POSIX shell script, Unicode text, UTF-8 text executable

With Suricata libmagic
file -m /var/lib/lxc/suricata/rootfs_ro/usr/share/misc/suricata.mgc

UTF-8 Unicode text

But when I export the file type mapping :

file -l -m /var/lib/lxc/suricata/rootfs_ro/usr/share/misc/suricata.mgc | awk '/Binary patterns/{flag=1; next} /Text patterns/{flag=1; next} flag{print substr($0,index($0,$4))}' | sort | uniq > /tmp/magic-formats-all.txt

There is no UTF-8 Unicode text

What could be the explanation ?

What version are you using, how do you run it and how does the config look like?
Could be a config issue.