Suricata not recognizing rule files

I am using an older version of Suricata, 3.2RC1, to perform basic logging on a Windows 2008 server. I am just trying to get an initial run of the tool to see how it works. However, it shows the following errors when I try to run it.


Here are the yaml settings I have for rules.

Here are the rules file locations


If anyone could help me, it would be appreciated.

Are those files in that location?

3.2 is EOL for a long time and a RC1 was replaced by an official release as well. Please use a supported version like 6.0.10 as of today, we provide packages here Download - Suricata

Yes, the rules files are within the folder. Does version 6.0.10 run on Windows Server 2008?

Feel free to try it, but since Windows Server 2008 is also EOL (last updates Jan 2020) support will be limited.

I understand; I’ll see if I can properly update the program.