Suricata on VirtualBox host

Virtual Box 5.0.40
OS on host machine is Debian 8

I want to install Suricata IPS on the host. How can I apply it to only VMs?

Can you provide some more details about what you’re after? I also see the pfSense tag but you make no mention of it, so not sure if you plan to add pfSense into the mix?

I have a host. There is installed VirtualBox on it. There are some guest machines in VirtualBox. I need to protect these VMs and use Suricata for it. Can I install Suricata directly on the host and configure it for VMs network interfaces without harm to resources on the host?

So I have a solution ))) pfSense on the guest system with IPS.
I just thought there was an easier solution.

How did you configure the vritualbox networking to make this possible? I assume that somehow the traffic of the other guests goes through the pfSense VM?