Suricata stats.log metrics

Hello everyone,

I am new to Suricata. Could anyone kindly provide the definations of all these metrics from stats.log?
I cannot figure out from google.
Here is the link:

stats.log file


This is still WIP, see


Any news about this? I understand is not a priority but it would be useful to have it documented.

I’ve found this discussion because I was puzzled by some of them. If I understand correctly those are not all counters, am I right?

Asking this because while testing I noticed that some of them decreased, for example http.memuse which I guess is the current memory used for http in bytes.


Still WIP but you the memuse can vary over time. It’s a bigger process to add this. But we’re open to any pull requests adding documentation upfront.

Hello. Is there any news about this problem? I say this because I have a similar question in this forum.