Suricata unable to find pcap.h file while compiling in windows

Documentation for suricata windows compile:

I have installed all the dependencies as mentioned in the documentation. Cloned the files.

To install libpcap, I followed the below steps:

  1. Installed the winpcap installer: WinPcap · Download
  2. Downloaded the Development pack as mentioned in the document: WinPcap · Developer Resources
  3. Copied all the headers and include files from development pack to the location mentioned in the documentation.

When I run the below command, I get the error: “configure: error: pcap.h not found”:

./configure --enable-luajit --enable-pie --enable-geoip --disable-gccmarch-native --with-libnss-libraries=/usr/lib --with-libnss-includes=/usr/include/nss/ --with-libnspr-libraries=/usr/lib --with-libnspr-includes=/usr/include/nspr

Below is the attachment for the same: