Suricata - unit suricata.service not found error

Hello everyone,
I am looking for opinions, advice or help in diagnosing an error we are receiving for Suricata, specifically inside Security Onion. In our server, we are receiving the error “unit suricata.service not found” when executing “systemctl status suricata.service”.

We are looking to start/restart suricata from Linux, and when executing so-suricata-start, we receive this error:

We also do not see Suricata listed as a service under a docker container, so we are wondering if suricata has been enabled as a service on a container or its own standalone service.

Overall, we are curious as to why we cannot tune/suppress alerts from inside our terminal, but can see alerts generate on security onion. Any advice, tips/tricks, or ways to troubleshoot this issue is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

I’d try reaching out to the Security Onoin community over at Security-Onion-Solutions/securityonion · Discussions · GitHub. Given SO uses mostly containers, I would not expect it to have a systemd unit file, and I know they abstract a lot of the details behind their own so commands.