Suricata v7 frame-support error


Suricata version 7.0.0-dev (dff7e7d34 2022-01-25)
I’m testing the new frame-support feature. But with a simple rule, it returns an error:

ERRCODE: SC_ERR_INVALID_RULE_ARGUMENT(270)] - unknown app proto 'smb1' for 'frame


alert tcp any any -> any any (; content:"DATA"; sid:1001; rev:1;)


        # app layer frames
        - frame:
            # disabled by default as this is very verbose.
            enabled: yes
        - smb

If I modify the rule and change “smb1” to “telnet” then it works. It doesn’t give an error at first. But when I run a telnet:…

suricata: detect-engine-frame.c:345: DetectEngineInspectFrameBufferGeneric: Assertion !((int64_t)data_len > frame->len)’ failed.`