Suricata VPP Integration and build Suricata as shared Library

Hello All,

I need help in integrating Suricata with VPP (Vector Processing ).
For that I need to build Suricata as shared library so that I can integrate it.

Did some one tried to make Suricata as library?

Steps to update Makefile will be helpful.

Amul Patel

Hi Amul,

I’m not aware of anyone doing this at the moment. Quick attempts I’ve made at this have failed, but it is a goal in the future, just not an immediate priority yet from ourside.

Maybe someone else has done it and may speakup.

Thank you Jason for update.

In future Suricata as library will be useful to use with DPDK, VPP or any other fast path processing.

Thanks and Regards,
Amul Patel