Suricata's 2024 Outreachy webinar: wrapping up another successful internship round!

On February 29, @hadiqaalamdar and @0xEniola shared about their Outreachy journeys from before starting their projects, and dived into the contributions they’ve made during their internships, always aiming at making Suricata better and safer.

We’d like to congratulate Hadiqa and Eniola for finishing their internships with us and helping us improve Suricata for our users and community. You’re a part of this now! :slight_smile:

Watch the full webinar:

Presentation slides:


What we covered:

Finding and implementing Suricata keywords that are already logged, but not exposed to Suricata’s rule language.
Finding and fixing bugs in Suricata, using the CodeQL static analysis tool.

About the speakers:

Hadiqa Alamdar Bukhari is a software engineer from Pakistan. She has expertise in the field of data engineering working with Python, SQL, and ETL tools. She’s also fascinated by InfoSec, deciding to explore her interest during her internship with OISF.

Daniel Eniola Olatunji is from Nigeria. A Cyber Security, Networking, and Blockchain Enthusiast, he is also a Python programmer. He really loves to work on the Terminal and in anything involving TCP/IP networks.

Note: there are a few glitches in the video recording, that’s probably due to the video card when recording it, sorry about that!
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