SuriCon 2023 Details?

Are there any details on SuriCon 2023 (dates, location)? I know it’s early but I’m trying to do some planning.



I’m guessing @Kelley won’t be organizing it year, but it is still happening, right? Also, will there be a call for trainings?

Hi David! Thanks for the question. SuriCon2023 is still *up in the air * as we look at logistics and possibly new formats. As soon as we have details and other information, we’ll get it out to everyone. But keep the questions coming if needed - here or email us

Kinda old thread but any updates on whether or not there will be a SuriCon2023?

Hello Joshua - we are going to have a version of SuriCon this year, but it’s going to be a bit different from previous years. We are finalizing some of the details for the announcements so we have everything in place - we expect to put something out to the community next week.



but I need to have at least 20 chars… so here goes!

Hey there, we know we’re taking our time to announce the details, but it’s not off our radar, as Kel said, we’re working on some aspects we’d like to have already sorted out before sharing SuriCon2023 with everyone.

Thanks for being patience with us, folks :slight_smile: