SuriCon2023 - JOIN US! (Nov 7, 8, 9)

Hello Everyone!
We are excited to welcome you to the virtual edition of SuriCon2023! As a reminder this is a FREE, open to the public virtual event - so please feel free to pass this information on to others.

Overview: Sessions will be broadcast live from Stockholm daily, between 16:30 and 18:30 local time - we will open the Zoom webinar at 16:00 for people to join us, say “HI,” and socialize.

Tuesday, we will present the ‘State of Suricata’ by Victor and the ‘State of OISF’ by Kelley.

Wednesday and Thursday, all of you will be asked to participate in an in-depth look at Suricata’s development roadmap for 2024. We’ll be posting more information in our SuriCon2023 Discord channel - so don’t miss out.

#SuriCon2023 Discord: If you aren’t already there, please join us in the SuriCon2023 Discord where we’ll post updates from the dates and important reminders. To join our Discord community →

Zoom Link and Info: For the duration of SuriCon2023, we will be using one Zoom link, will send it out daily to attendees, as well as post in the SuriCon Discord channel. We ask that attendees respect this community space and ensure your cameras and microphones are turned off - we’ll do our best to control this on our end, but ask everyone to do their part as well. Interactive Q&A opportunities will be available, and we encourage you to engage with the team and fellow attendees through the Discord channel.

Zoom Access: Join SuriCon via Zoom

BIG THANK YOU! We extend our gratitude to OPNsense for their sponsorship of SuriCon2023.

Questions? reach out to the OISF team at or on the Discord channel.

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Thanks @Kelley!

I may have misheard, but on the “State of Suricata” presentation today, was there an allusion to a “Suricata Store”—a place that will sell OISF and Suricata t-shirts, polos, mugs, stickers, etc.? Do you know if there will be a Suricata inflatable? I’ve been looking for a 3 meter tall one to put on my front lawn.



Dave - LOL! Well, you know I always love new ideas. But then again, I heard some in the community were getting Suricata tattoos. :grinning: