Surritca error on a wireguard wg1 interface

I am using a opnsense router 's Intrusion Detection and put Suricata on a wireguard interface
The MTU and MSS are at default values. Suricata does not block file
I think it is because of the warning below:

023-09-10T17:28:55-04:00 Warning suricata [100202] – [ERRCODE: SC_ERR_SYSCALL(50)] - Failure when trying to get MTU via ioctl for ‘wg1’: Device not configured (6)

Hi @Monju0525 ! Welcome to our forum! :slight_smile:
Could you please tell:

  • what version of Suricata are you running
  • how did you start it
  • what is the status of the device wg1? It should be UP