Threaded logging only available for files?

Is there anything preventing threaded output being used for unix domain sockets as well?

I noticed that it’s currently only supported for file based loggers, but I’d like to also enable it from unix_dgram loggers.

Currently no. We are currently working on bringing this threading to output plugins, which in turn will make it easier to add threading to output types like unix sockets, or redis, etc. But its not even in master yet.

[Sorry, note edit where I change this to no instead of yes]


Are you wanting to write your own unix-domain socket output plugin or use the one built-in to suri?

I was hoping to use the built in one to write to a socket per thread.
I’ve modified that logger to support the threaded parameter and it seems to be working. I was going to submit a PR for this, but it sounds like you’ve already got different plans in this area (?).


Feel free to submit… There will likely be a change soon requiring you to rebase, but it should be trivial.