Time selection in evebox

when I select last 24 hours of alerts in evebox I see a big peak in the graph. Is there anyway to select just that time period?

No you can’t. More fine grained time selection, either via the graph or just with a form has been on my todo list for sometime now, so it has been on my mind. Just need to get to it.

Thanks Jason! That sounds like the story of my life. So many good things to do and not enough time : ) I will have a look at the code but I am not hopeful as a/ I don’t know rust (yet), b/ have never actually programmed event driven systems and c/ this old dog is finding it more difficult to get his head around new stuff and keeping it there! Although that may simply be the flood of security related stuff I have to track than old age!

Anyway Merry Christmas al from NZ (it is now Christmas morning)