Unable to compile suricata with windivert

I followed this documentation:
Eve.json windows timestamp field has "Eastern Daylight Time" appended to timestamp - #8 by pevma to compile Suricata on windows with windivert support. But there were some compilation error in source-windivert.c code.

  1. error: implicit declaration of function ‘Win32GetErrorString’.
  2. error: implicit declaration of function ‘Win32GetAdaptersAddresses’,
  3. error: ‘ACTION_DROP’ undeclared.

Below is the attachment

Which Suricata version are you truing to compile - 6.0.10 or the dev/latest master edition ?
There is also the ready to use MSI if you would like to try it - Download - Suricata

There is a pre-built version with windivert download it from the link: