[webinar] Extending Suricata: An exploration of essential open-source tools

NEXT WEEK - 27-April-2023 at 10:00 ET

Moderated by one of the founding fathers of Suricata, Matt Jonkman, this month’s “Detect to Protect” webinar will feature a panel discussion with developers Peter Manev, Eric Leblond, and Markus Kont as this introduce attendees to six modern open-source tools:

  • Suricata Language Server
  • Lateral movement ruleset
  • Jupyter playbooks
  • GopherCAP
  • Splunk App by Stamus Networks
  • Security Analyst’s Guide to Suricata (book)

Register here: Webinar Registration - Zoom


I am a new subscriber to this community and I wanted to express my gratitude for finding such an informative post right after registering. The upcoming webinar on “Detection for Defense” moderated by Matt Jonkman and featuring a panel discussion with Peter Manev, Eric Leblon, and Markus Kont, sounds like an amazing opportunity to learn about the latest open-source tools available to us. As someone who is passionate about cybersecurity and always looking for ways to improve my knowledge and skills, I am really looking forward to attending this webinar and learning from the experts in the field. Thank you for sharing this valuable information with us and I look forward to engaging with the community more in the future.


In case anyone missed and is interested in the topic, it can be found here: WEBINAR: Building upon Suricata: An Exploration of Essential Open-Source Tools - YouTube