Where is the best place for Suricata-IDS?

Consider a LAN like below:

Where is the best place to put Suricata-IDS?

Thank you.

If you see everything that you want to look into at the Core Switch, a Breakout at the Core Switch is the first choice. The outer Switch could be a nice addition.
If there are direct connections that skip the core switch you might want to add those as well for lateral movement.


Thank you.
Can you specify what you mean on the diagram? I mean is places where Suricata-IDS should be located.

As I said, on the Core Switch (dark blue) I would see the most important location, while the others are helpful as well.
So I suggest to start with a Suricata instance that receives the traffic from the Core Switch (via Mirror Port or whatever the Switch provides for traffic mirroring)

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Excuse me, what is your opinion about it:
Switch —> Firewall —> Suricata-IDS —> Core Switch

This can be one option, will cover all outgoing/incoming (filtered) traffic towards your core.