Why domain name changed?

Why domain name changed from “suricata-ids” to “suricata”?

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With the launch of the new website, et. al., there’s been consolidation. See NEW Suricata & OISF sites live now!

Why? What was the problem of “Suricata-IDS” domain name?

Hi Jason,

Is there content you’re no longer able to find? Let us know and we can help provide pointers if you’re not able to locate something.

No, I just want to know why in the Suricata opinion teams, “Suricata” is a better name than “Suricata-IDS”?

Suricata is more than just an IDS – it can act as an NSM, IPS, and even a pcap-capture system.

Sure, but how about Snort? Should they change their domain name from “Snort” to something like “Pig”?

Would “Pig” be a valid interesting acronym for a tool like Snort? Then who knows. But I do think it would make more sense to ask that one in a Snort dedicated forum, if you really wanted to know, as we can’t answer for them.

But one important point here, I would say, is that Suricata did not change its name. Just the domain.

Yes. In my opinion “Suricata” is the name of an animal and is not good for this tool.
Thus, name is “Suricata-IDS” ?

This name was choosen for a reason and as you can see the logo also shows the Suricata/Meerkat. There are many other tools that use an animal name (firefox, elk, ant, python) or other names like RedHat, Fedora, Apache.

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Yes, but their name has been it from the beginning.
BTW, please don’t disconnect suricata-ids.org.

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Suricata the software was named Suricata in the (official) beginning as well. So the current domain reflects that even better. The “old” domain still redirects to the current website.