<Error> filesha256 file <filename> not found


I’ve created a sha256 blacklist in /etc/suricata/rules/sha256chksum
As well a rule that use that file to check for a sha256 match.
Rule Path: /etc/suricata/rules/files.rule

alert http any any → any any (msg:“Black list checksum match and extract SHA256”; filesha256:/etc/suricata/rules/sha256chksum; filestore; sid:2802; rev:1;)

When I am trying to update my rules to load it , I am getting an error
filesha256 file /etc/suricata/rules/sha256chksum not found

How can it be fixed ? seems like it doesn’t recognize the file even tough it’s in the same path as mentioned in the rule.

Suricta 6.0.5
Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

Thank you very much.

How do you trigger the reload and where do you see the error?
Please provide a bit more details to this case.

I already fixed, thank you anyway.