File extraction on FTP doesn't work

Hello, i need to extract files from ftp protocol.But it doesn’t work.
The suricata version is 7.0.2, and operating system is Centos7.
The configuration yaml is as follows:

  • pop3
  • ftp
  • rdp

    enabled: yes
  • file-store:
    version: 2
    enabled: yes
    write-fileinfo: yes
    force-filestore: yes

The rule is:
alert ftp-data any any → any any (msg:“FTP test”; filestore; ftpdata_command:stor; sid:3; rev:1;)
Pcap file:
ftp_file.pcap (8.8 KB)

I need help, please :sob: :sob:

Looks like a bug to fix…

Will this problem be followed up and solved?
And I found that FTP file extraction does not always fail, I tried to transfer four files and only two files were restored.

You should get your expected behavior with --set stream.inline=true (or set it in suricata.yaml)

Longer analysis :
The ftp-data flow does not get classified as such, because the expectation is only created on TCP ACK packet to the STOR command.
This ACK packet arrives after the ftp-data 3 way handshake + data + first ack

@vjulien do we want to handle such case ?

As you suggested, I set stream.inline=true. The file was successfully restored as expected.
Thank you very much. :heart: