FINAL REMINDER: Submit your final application

Howdy, potential Outreachy interns!

This is a final reminder for you to submit your final application on the Outreachy Dashboard. Applications will close TOMORROW (6th Nov 2021) 4PM UTC.
A few helpful tips for your application are available on this post we made earlier: Reminder: Submit your final application

Your selection depends on this application so please make sure it is complete and thorough. We look forward to your applications!

Good luck, all! :smile: :crossed_fingers:



Looks like the Final Application Submission Deadline has been updated to 6-Nov 4PM-UTC
Just received an email From Outreachy Organizers.

Is that Confirmed?

Hi, Sam!
Yes. Indeed. Seems like the deadline has been extended till tomorrow.
I’ll update the original post just in case others come around to read it. Thank you for pointing!