Reminder: Submit your final application

Hello, potential Outreachy interns!

Please note that the deadline for submitting the final application is approaching fast (Nov 5, 4PM UTC). If you have made a contribution/started working on something, please make sure to record all your contribution AND submit the final application.
You DO NOT need to have a PR merged/PR open to record your contribution. If you have started working on a redmine ticket, please mention that too and explain how you’re approaching the problem.

It’s important to do the final submission as we cannot select you as an intern without that even if you have made considerable contributions to the project.

It is generally a great practice to submit the application first and edit it later so please try to do that.

I’ll send another reminder on Nov 5th.

Great job, all of you! We cannot wait to see your applications! :smile: :dancer:


Personal experience as an Outreachy applicant in the past: I have seen some good applicants not submit final applications because they thought some other candidate was a better choice. Please know that this is impostor syndrome talking, you are doing great! Sometimes the spots open up as applicants can apply to more than one project at a time.
So, please make sure to submit a final application!
Good luck! :crossed_fingers: :smiley_cat:


That’s an important message, indeed!

So, I’ll join Shivani on that: when I applied, I read a blog post saying that many applicants end up not filling up the final application form, therefore, nullifying all chances of getting selected. So I made a promise to myself that I would submit that final form.

During the contribution phase, just like Shivani described, I felt like there were better, stronger, candidates, that I wasn’t doing enough, that I wasn’t good enough, that I lacked skills, that I took too long to finish tasks or understand what was required of me.

It is true that there were awesome applicants with me. I remember particularly two: of them became my colleague during the internship, the other did their internship with another project. If I had believed that I didn’t have what was required to be selected, and didn’t submit the final form, I wouldn’t be here writing this today…


Submitting a Final Application In process …


Joking xD

I want to thank you all for this opportunity!!
This year has been tough for me and this experience helped me clear my mind, and I really had a good time getting to interact/ contribute/ learn and cooperate! regardless of the results!

Much thanks to all of you :heart_eyes: :star_struck: :star_struck: