How to fix error 201?

I’m trying to set up Suricata 6.0.5 with npcap 1.60 in my windows machine and i’m getting this error

I was trying to set up suricata in IDS mode and i wanted it to detect intrusions from all the possible ports.

.\suricata.exe -c suricata.yaml -i (machine ip) -l ./log knone -vvv

If i use the machines ip address it would not be detecting intrusions from all the ports correct?
How could i do it?

I configured Suricata following this steps:

  1. Install npcap
  2. Install Suricata
  3. Inserted the emerging rules in the rules folder
  4. Used this command .\suricata.exe -c suricata.yaml -i my.ip.add.ress -l ./log knone -vvv --service-install
  5. net Start Suricata
  6. Start-service Suricata